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Leisure activities at the camp site "Shuezero"

Troitsky Island (Trinity Island)


We offer you excursion to Troitsky (Trinity) Island on Muezero lake. There are St. Nikolai church (1602), chapel The Holy Face (1672), chapel St. Kassian’s relics and Old Believers' cemetery, where are graves of the 19th century.

Waterfalls tour

We invite you to visit the unique landscape of the Noth Karelia – Olonga waterfallcascade. That’s the biggest and little known fall in Belomorsk region.

For a river distance of three hundred metres water cascade is more than 25 metres.Waterfall sound is heard far away, rocks and venerable pines create picture ofEternal Nature.

During the tour visitors may swim in the natural rocky tank, fish different kinds offish and will be offered between-meal snack (grilled meat shashlik).


Nizhnyaya Tunguda river rafting


Tunguda river rafting tour secures excellent rest,fishing, picturesque landscape, getting simple rapids over.

Karelianature, sunrises and sunsets, nature gifts, virgin forests will win your heartsand make the trip unforgettable.

Medvezhye lake fishing

Medvezhye lake is located in the south part of Belomorsk region and belongs to the Tunguda river bassin.

The lake is far from tourist routes and it’s difficult to get it by general transport. Visitors go to the lake by ATV Argo pass pretty wild and picturesque landscapes, water obstacles and forest blockages.

There are a lot of pikes in the lake that will surprise even very skilled fisherman.

Muezero lake fishing tour

Muezero lake is located in the Central part of Belomorsk region and belongs to Okhta basin river. Muezero lake is surrounded by rocks that makes landscapes very picturesque. Muezero lake is one of the best places for fishing among lakes of the Nothern Karelia.

ATV tour «Polar Day»

1-day ATV tour in the neighborhood ofShuezero lake. That tour is for ATV driving beginners. Visitors will get skillsof calm driving in the forest and wetlands. Lunch break is served in the picturesqueplace on the rocky shore of Zimnee lake. The lake depths is more than 100metres.

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